Connecting entrepreneurs with investors to build great companies to create a positive impact in our community. 

Why an impact investing network?

Triangle Impact Network was formed to see more impact businesses launched by talented faith-driven entrepreneurs in our backyard. We believe that our community needs more companies with the unique ability to deliver both strong performance and measurable social & spiritual impact.

Facilitating Connections

The network helps entrepreneurs connect with a community of investors who want to partner with teams with compelling ideas to advance human flourishing.

Provide Purpose-Aligned Capital

We understand what it means to value both the impact and performance of the business and we deploy capital that supports both objectives.

Sharing Industry Expertise

Our members are experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders in a variety of backgrounds who look to partner with entrepreneurs through their knowledge and network as well as their capital contribution.

Thoughtful Impact Evaluation

We advise and support entrepreneurs in ongoing management of both the business performance and the impact strategy and celebrate gains in both areas.

Connect with us

Walk with our team about funding for your company or joining our network of investors