For Entrepreneurs

We believe that market returns and social impact are not mutually exclusive, but we know it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to find investors that value both impact and performance.

We created the Triangle Impact Network to partner with faith-driven entrepreneurs on compelling business ideas that advance human flourishing. The teams we look to invest in are leading organizations that can achieve a measurable social or spiritual impact in North Carolina while also delivering financial returns.

What We’re Looking For:

  • A faith-driven leadership team pursuing excellence in the business
  • An intentional plan for impact through the business
  • Strong impact-adjusted financial returns
  • Raising at least $100,000 with a clear plan for use of funds

Our Process

We accept funding inquiries on an ongoing basis and are committed to a clear and efficient evaluation process. We will be timely in communicating with you regarding questions and next steps, and up front about network interest in your company. Regardless of funding, we desire for the process to be encouraging and helpful to your company.

Let's start a conversation

To find out of your company may be a fit for our network, let’s start a conversation!